Havasupai Trip 2016

Havasupai was amazing, and just four days was not enough to see all the amazing sights. Despite the long drive, we still met at Big 5 at the usual 7 AM. Even on the drive, we still saw some amazing sights. At the KOA there was a shop and gift store, which was very nice. Sadly Nicolas Zepeda had food poisoning and had to leave. When we got up to drive to the trailhead we were surprised to see snow about 45 minutes away. After that our car stopped to take pictures of a cow family in the room. Right from the start of the hike we had an amazing view of the canyon. It was steep downhill for the first mile and ½ so we defiantly kept in mind that this would be steep UP hill on the way back. We stopped at the Native American village there. It was two miles away from the campsite and it was defiantly a nice break. When we regrouped we continued for the last 2 miles. Almost immediately our first waterfall greeted us. The bright blue water beautifully contrasted the red rock. When we got to the campsite we only had a few hours till 8:00 PM; no talk time. The next morning we started our day hike to the falls. We had to go down these smooth rocks, but luckily there were plenty of handholds. Then we got back and continued the rest of our day. In the morning we got up early to head back. We got back pretty early and all left around 3:30 PM. The trip to Havasupai was amazing and was my favorite trip ever!

Scouts: Vaughn, Nick, Nick, Connor, Cooper, Ben, Owen, Jeremiah, Jonathan, Kellen, Sean, Max, David, Logan, Kaden, Timmy

Adults: Mr. Ingleheart, Mr. Swider, Mrs. Swider, Mr. Hirsch, ASM Schott, ASM Brown, Mrs. Randall (Driver Only), SM Johnson (Driver Only)

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