The Pines Trip Summary

[gss-content-box]This summary of the hiking trip to The Pines was written by scout Wesley G.[/gss-content-box]

As usual, scouts and adults alike gathered at Big 5 at 7:00 AM then set off for the Pines, which makes up for in elevation gain what it lacks in mileage. The group arrived at camp around noon and soon discovered that the water spring was not functioning. This led to a multiple hour-long ordeal that involved unclogging and patching up the water pipe, which, in the end, was working, despite its occasional cutting out and spewing of muddy water.

This trip provided a great opportunity for scouts to both get work done, and have fun. After the other group left for White Ledge, most scouts worked on completing sign-offs while a few older scouts relaxed and read or slept.

Dinner was cooked around 4:45PM and was finished with some friendship bread provided by Mr. Soga. The scouts rose early in the morning, ate sausages and oatmeal then set off on the brisk trip back down to the parking lot where they ate lunch, met up with the White Ledge group, then headed for home around noon.

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