Haskell’s to El Cap Beach Hike – by Alex R.

On Wednesday, July 8 Troop 26 embarked on a day hike for the first time in a long time since the COVID 19 pandemic made trips difficult/impossible to plan. We were in small groups and we kept a safe distance from each other. The day hike started at Haskell’s beach and we walked to El Capitan beach which is approximately 9 miles away. It was a very hot day and when we got to the lunch spot we hopped in the water. One scout named Logan B. was buried to the neck in sand and was turned into a shrine of towels and other assorted clothing items. We later played 3 flags up in the ocean which proved fun because of the challenge of having to run through the water. After we finished up at the lunch spot we packed up our gear and headed to the cars. And that concluded this refreshing day hike that was a nice change in mood compared to quarantine.