Written by Miles D., First Class Scout

Guadalupe Dunes is one of Troop 26’s current favorite outings, and one of my personal favorites as well. It’s about an hour and a half drive north of Santa Barbara. When we arrive, we then hike about a mile to a mile and a half along the beach to get to some really big sand dunes. Hiking up the sandy dunes may not be fun, but sledding down them on boogie boards sure is. Everyone that wanted to sled was required to bring a helmet and a boogie board to sled with, unless they were sharing with another scout. In my opinion the sledding is the best part about the trip. We did competitions to see who could slide the farthest, and just had fun sliding down. However, nothing compares to slowly trudging back up the dunes. Other activities include exploring, and playing games out on the sand. Then, we ate lunch and hiked back to the cars. After that, we headed back home. All in all, Guadalupe Dunes is one of my favorite trips to go on, and I’m glad Troop 26 has given me the opportunity to go.