Parent Committee Meeting Notes

Parent Committee Meeting – 11/4/14


  • Quick introductions as there were a couple of new faces.

Popcorn Sales

  • Sales are down from previous years, but it’s up to the Scouts.
  • There is money to be had though–one scout earned $400 for his camp account, which is more than one Philmont payment!
  • For next year, we can look at doing a Show and Sell instead of leaving it up to the scouts to do on their own.
  • This lead to a larger discussion around fund raising and balancing that with how active our troop is on a regular basis.

Financials and Dues

  • Discussion around how the Troop went from $65 to $125 per scout per year
  • Susan cuts off the fiscal year at October 1 of each year
  • We have about $17k as of this date
  • We’ve collected a little more for Philmont than we’ve paid out
  • About $1500 per year spent at the Scout store (awards, merit badges)
  • About $1500 per year spent on re-chartering
  • We want to establish the dues for 2015 that would allow the troop to have a buffer to help with new equipment and to help cover the costs for the four scoutmasters that we need to send to Philmont in 2015
  • Motion for $125/year was made, seconded and approved
  • $125 for the first scout in a family, $100 for the second scout
  • A long discussion ensued around tents, tent conditions, and equipment ensued. Note for future meetings, some topics need to be tabled so we can stick to our agenda.

Parent Handbook

  • Draft of the handbook is online as a Google Drive
  • Mike Brown is leading the effort to get the draft filled out by assigning sections to the scoutmasters to be completed
  • Please hold off on any comments until the first draft appears

Medical Forms

  • Please get all forms turned into the Troop in January, regardless of when you last turned them last. Thanks for your cooperation.

Parent Elections Next Month

Descriptions to come
– Committee Chair
– Treasurer
– Secretary
– Outdoor/Activities Coordinator
– Advancement Coordinator
– Training Coordinator
– Equipment Coordinator
– Membership Coordinator
– Chaplain

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