Parent Committee Notes – December 2014

  • Reviewed minutes from November meeting
  • Approved minutes from November meeting
  • Three scouts need Board of Reviews
  • Quick round of introductions

Treasurer Update

  • Dues are due now. Please get the dues in.
  • Reminder $125 per scout, second scout is $100
  • Summer camp first installment of $100 is due this week/month
  • Up to $23k now in the account
  • $420 for summer camp
  • Reminder that if you make your deposit, that money goes directly to the camp, so it is non-refundable unless another scout takes your place.
  • Some of the increase from last month was from popcorn sales so we’ll owe that money.
  • Follow up to costs per trip in prior years
    • Inyo Crater $65
    • Havasupai – $150
    • Santa Cruz $200
    • Summer Camp $420
    • Philmont – $1300
    • Younger Scout Sierra Trek – $250

Medical Forms

  • You can print out Part A & B and turned in by the end of the year.
  • Part C is only required for trips of 72 hours or more
  • This goes for Adults too


  • Jerry distributed paperwork that talks about electronics policy and knife policy for the troop
  • Also discussed policy and standards that we have for Scoutmasters
  • Jerry discussed briefly the paperwork around troop participation
  • Mike to post these online
  • The recharter was submitted by Jerry

Parent Committee Elections

  • Jerry has been the Chair for 2 years now and would appreciate it if another parent could step in and take this over.
  • Jerry discussed the requirements for the Committee Chair position
  • Secretary (Mike Wong) position is up for election
  • Treasurer (Susan Swider) position is up for election


  • Committee Chair: Mike Wong
  • Secretary: Buffy Fitch
  • Equipment Coordinator: Steve Schott
  • Training – Jill Doubleday
  • Treasurer – Susan Swider


  • Committee Chair – Mike Wong
  • Secretary – Buffy Fitch
  • Training – Jill Doubleday
  • Treasurer – Susan Swider
  • Equipment Coordinator: Steve Schott

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