Piedra Blanca Backpacking Trip

Fourteen intrepid Scouts and seven adults of Troop 26 gathered on October 19th for the backpacking trip to Piedra Blanca. We were fortunate that the Los Padres National Forest had reopened (with the rest of the Federal Government) a day or two before our trip.

We brought extra water so as to be prepared for dry stream beds (which turned out not to be the case). We arrived at the trail head and SPL David Z. circled up the Scouts and adults with our backpacks. Cooper B. was named trek leader for the trip. He oriented the area map with ASM Belfiore and scoped out the route.

We then set out and scaled the hill to reach the impressive white rocks that give their name to Piedra Blanca. At one trail fork Scouts were sent to determine the proper trail. We continued on and reached the camp after about 3 miles of hiking.

We pitched tents and had lunch. Another Scout troop arrived and shared the site with us. During the afternoon, Scouts chose from among three activities: sign-offs, a day-hike back to climb on the white rocks, and dunking in a swimming hole a short hike from camp. A good time was had by all.

In the evening we had cold meals, due to the fact that camp stoves were not allowed. The full moon that evening was brilliant, and lit the landscape in spectacular fashion.

The next morning we were up early and, following a cold breakfast, set out for the return trip. We arrived back at the trailhead in late morning and were back in Santa Barbara before noon.

Participating Scouts were Cooper B., Vaughn F., Wesley G., Timmy H., Max J., Sam J., Ryan M., Simon P, Duncan S., Nick S., Jeremiah S., James T., Jason T., Ben Z. and SPL David Z.

Adults were ASM Belfiore, Ms. Bohley, Mr. Bohley, SM Johnson, ASM Mintzer, ASM Teng and Mr. Zevallos.

Submitted by ASM Belfiore

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