Scoutmaster Minute: The Two Knapsacks

We are told that life is like a hike from the cradle to the grave. For some, it is a long trip of many moons; for others, it is a short excursion that ends unexpectedly.

But all are equipped with two knapsacks—one to be carried on the back and the other on the chest. The average hiker along the trail of life puts the faults of others in the sack on his chest so that he can always see them.

His own faults he puts in the bag on his back so that he can’t see them without some effort. And so, he hikes through life constantly seeing the errors of others, but overlooking his own mistakes.

Guys, this pack arrangement is bad, because nobody has a successful hike through life finding fault with the other guy.

The person who can see his own faults, then strive to correct them is the one who enjoys the trip and enters the happy hunting ground with thanksgiving.

So place your bag of faults upon your chest and put the bag of other people’s faults and mistakes behind you, and have happy hiking.

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