Thoughts of my time in Scouting, by ASPL Kellen.
Eagle Scout, aging out as a scout in Feb 2021.

My experiences in scouting for the past 11 years has had a significant influence on my character development, forging my ambitions, and shaping the person I am today. With the guidance of my adult leaders and fellow scouts, I have acquired many outdoor survival and home life skills that have prepared me for many aspects of life. I chose to be a member of Troop 26 because of the variety of outdoor activities, including monthly hikes and backpacking trips that exposed me to some of the most beautiful places on the planet, many of them in our own backyard. In addition, scouting has provided me the opportunity to develop effective leadership attributes, and has educated me on how communication is essential to any group dynamic inside and outside of scouting. As I enter the world of adulthood, I will always look back on my experiences with Toop 26 with fondness and appreciate all the opportunities scouting has offered.