Troop 26 Newsletter – May 2019

Scoutmasters Message:

Welcome back to the Troop 26 newsletter! We’re doing a lot of great activities, and want everyone to know what’s coming up and what has happened We’re just back from a great trip to Horseshoe Bend – about 10 miles total hiking, but lots of swimming, playing in the creek, relaxing, etc. I think this trip will appear on the calendar again next year with as much as everyone seemed to enjoy it!

We have a number of other trips coming up as we gear up for two Sierra Treks (the ‘older’ trip will be the final one for a number of our scouts) – and we’re welcoming some new scouts to our troop this spring too, so come on out, and let’s show our newest troop members how it’s done in Troop 26!

Upcoming Events:

Tues May 7, Parent Committee meeting

May 17-19 OA Ordeal

Sat May 18 – Playground Day hike (Johnson)

Sat June 1 – night hike (Belfiore)

Sat/Sun June 7/8 – Overnight backpacking (SB Backcountry – Bear Creek?) (Weakliem)

Tues June 11, Timmy Hirsch Eagle Court of Honor

Thurs June 20 – Stow House Parking volunteering (4-8pm)

Sun June 23 – Sun June 29 – Emerald Bay Summer camp

Catalina Island Backpacking Trek:
March 25-29, 2019
Fifteen Scouts and three ASMs (Belfiore, Brown & Schley) enjoyed a beautiful five-day trip on Catalina Island. We drove early on March 25 from Big 5 to San Pedro and took the Catalina Express Ferry to Two Harbors. We then hiked to Little Harbor for a one-night stay, and hiked back to Two Harbors for the second night stay. We hiked the next day to Parsons Landing. This included a stop and a tour at Cherry Valley, a good option to consider for future Catalina summer camp stays.
Parsons Landing was particularly beautiful. We had virtually no company. We camped on the beach and played in the surf. Several scouts got signoffs for building fires, cooking and other skills.
Between the two nights at Parsons Landing, we took a day hike to Starlight Beach. The trail down the cliff to this beach was washed out, so we did not actually stop and play on the beach. However, the trail and beach scenery were well worth the trip.
Catalina was a deep, rich green all around, with scattered patches of spring flowers. The weather was optimal – cool in the daytime, and not really cold at night. We saw two buffalo in front of us after we turned a corner on the trail climbing from Two Harbors. They were peacefully chomping grass, but we didn’t stick around to get acquainted.
On March 29 we hiked to Two Harbors, where we spent several hours, then returned on the ferry to San Pedro and drove home to St. Marks, arriving near midnight.
Overall mileage: 37 miles Total elevation gain: 9,026 (Source: Gaia GPS mapping)
Scout meals: 180 packed, 177 consumed by humans, 3 consumed by very sneaky scavengers.
Report by Mike Schley, ASM

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Scoutmaster Minute

Onward and Upward It’s a pleasure to serve as the new T26 Scoutmaster. I follow great SMs who made Troop 26 masters of the outdoors, and it is humbling. Thank