On July 2nd, Troop 26 visited Lake Cachuma to go canoeing in preparation for Northern Tier! With six Scouts and five adults, we took out in 5 canoes and paddled our way to Bradbury Dam. Seeing the lake completely full was an amazing experience that not many of us have seen before. Our time on the lake was not only filled with adventure but also provided an opportunity for us to learn and practice essential canoeing skills. We learned about the different strokes with canoe paddles that will be very important on the Northern Tier next summer. Some of the most important strokes to know are the forward stroke, which is the basic stroke to go forward, and the J stroke, which is used to correct turning motion when canoeing with multiple people. We also learned the draw stroke which is used to turn quickly or pull yourself sideways. We also tried some mid water position changes that require patience and balance. Luckily none of us capsized during any of the maneuvers! All of these skills will likely be invaluable to know at Northern Tier where we will be canoeing daily

Written by Tarkan Ezal

Posted By JB