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Setting up an Account Your Scout Can Use (only Scout parents can complete these steps)

If you wish to have your child have the scout’s own account, you log in and click on their advancement record. Then the parent should login to, click on their Scout, then Edit Extended Information. At the bottom of the page there is the link to add the Scout. The Parent enters the Scout’s email address and invite’s the Scout. The Scout gets an email with account info. The Scout accepts the invite and can now log in. Scouts who have done this will show up on the Messaging list.

Here are the steps:

  1. Log into your own account on

  2. Open ‘My Dashboard.’

  3. Click the ‘Child’ under My Family

  4. Click on your child’s ‘Edit Extended Information.’

  5. Go to the bottom and click ‘Invite xxx to Connect.’

  6. Enter your child’s email address

  7. Have your Scout log into their email account and ‘accept’ your invitation and choose a password.

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Required Training

Youth Protection Training (YPT)

LPC requires this yearly, BSA requires it every two years. Required for all Registered Adults (any adult who participates in Troop events)

72 minutes

Covid Restrictions

No updates since the March 5th LPC GuidanceMasks recommended, not required.