Voice of Experience September 2017

Technical Garment Care Technical fabrics’ performance feature will last longer if you maintain them correctly. Washing: Wash technical fabrics (Gore-Tex and other breathable/waterproof fabrics) in cold or warm water with […]

Voice of Experience August 2017

Cleanliness Cleanliness and personal hygiene are not big issues on an overnight backpacking trip other than a change of socks and underwear. On longer trips, however, you will need to […]

Body Tune-ups #2

Body Tune-Ups #2 PROTECT YOUR BACK. Abdominal strengthening exercises will help take burden off your back and torso, minimizing lower back trouble. Begin these at least a couple of month […]

Body Tune-ups

The Voice of Experience Body Tune-Ups #1 Orthopedic surgeons know all about “runners knee” and “bikers wrist,” but they have few, if any, labels for backpacking-specific maladies. That’s because ours […]

How to choose first aid kits

How to Choose Personal First-Aid Kits Pre-Assembled First-Aid Kits Most beginning backpackers select pre-assembled first-aid kits as a matter of convenience rather than building their own. It’s an easy way […]