Feb. 18-Feb. 20 2023

After leaving around 5:20 am from the Big Five parking lot on February 18th scouts had a nice long drive until finally arriving at a slot canyon hiking trail. We had 14 scouts and 7 adults attend the trip. They hiked through three different slot canyons led by the trek leader Jaxon P. Two of the slot canyons led to the top of a ridge that gave a great view of the valley. The last slot canyon in particular was very interesting. It had a cave-like entrance and went on for a long time before leading to the top.

After the day hike scouts drove to their campsite to set up tents and make food. Because the trip was originally canceled we lost our initial reservation and were lucky enough to get a different spot to set up camp.

The second day was filled with many adventures. The Scouts got to go to Badwater Basin which is the lowest place in the continental US. After their walk out the salt flats the scouts split up into two groups. Each group was blindfolded and driven out to some unknown location. They were given a map with an X and the goal to arrive there before the other group. Each group was given a bearing for their compasses and set off on their adventure. The goal of this activity was to have all the scouts practice their orienteering skills. One group made it to Point Zabriskie while the other was on the wrong right path. The SPL Eamon Gordon along with the rest of the group made the decision to radio in and make their way to the highway. All groups made it back safe with their own fun adventures! The scouts also visited the borax mine, visitor center and drove along the Artist’s palette.

The last day was filled with lots of sand! As their last activity the scouts drove out the sand
dunes. They settled on a dune that was around 100 feet tall and had lots of fun boogie boarding
off of it. Scouts all wore helmets to make sure they would be safe while boogie boarding. At the
top of the dune the scouts also shared friendship bread and played cards once it got hotter. The
entire trip was filled with many fun activities and everyone had a blast!
Death Valley 2023 written by Tarkan E

Posted by Joseph B.