Manzana Narrows Overnight

Manzana Narrows Overnight.

The hike to the narrows began at the NIRA trailhead, we had 15 scouts and three adults. Since we got a bit of a late start it became so hot during the day that we were unable to make it to the narrows themselves, and instead settled for camping at Reyes camp. The scouts had a lot of fun playing in the creek and building a dam to make a swimming pool to help cool them off from the long day of hiking. Thanks to the foresight of Tripp, we were able to make s’mores with the supplies he had very graciously brought and agreed to share with the other patrols. Around 11:30 that night it began sprinkling, so the next morning the hike back was significantly cooler and we made much better time. Before going home, we stopped to do an orienteering activity at Lost Valley which helped many of the newer scouts get requirements done for first class and was a good refresher for some of the older ones.


By Jaxon P.