Flag Ceremony

A quality flag ceremony is key to beginning a good meeting. Before doing a flag ceremony be sure to memorize your commands if you are the speaker, and ask two people in advance to be the color guard so there is no confusion at the meeting. When speaking keep your hands tightly at your side in attention position, and try not to fidget. This will remind the audience to stay at attention. Here is what has to happen to fulfill the requirements of a basic ceremony. Note that as the color guard advances towards the stands they can make unique shapes like a T or X. We offer patrol points for a new shape that the color guards walk.

Have the color guard in the back of the room, ready holding the flags. The US Flag is on the right, then Troop flag on the left as the color guard is facing towards the front of the room

Leader: “Please Rise! Attention”

Leader: “Color Guard, Advance!”
Wait for color guard to reach the front. They need to cross at some point before reaching the stands. The U.S. flag crosses behind the troop flag so it is always seen by the audience. If you are color guard remember to turn towards the audience when you’re next to the flag stand so we’re not seeing your behind. Make the flags visible to all.

Leader: “Salute!”
All scouts salute.

Leader:“Please join me in the pledge of allegiance!”
say pledge of allegiance.

Leader: “Color Guard, Post the colors!”
Put the flags in their stands.

Leader: “salute!”
everyone continues salute. With their hands now free, the color guards salute the the american flag

Leader: “TWO!”
Everyone drops salute.

Leader: “Please be seated!”
Color guard may also return to seats