Scoutmaster’s Minute September 2017

Scouts are always learning, and the adult leaders and parents are as well. As part of our rechartering, the troop is reviewing our records, and this is a good time […]

Scoutmaster’s Corner August 2017

With the start of Fall, Troop 26 is back in the swing of things, and the new leadership and Court of Honor reminds me of a topic that you should […]

Scoutmaster Minute – Fit for Life

One of the goals of Scouting is physical fitness, and we’ve been paying special attention to it this month. It’s fun to test yourself against standards to see how fit […]

Scoutmaster’s Minute

Believe – Whether you believe you can do something or can’t do something, you’re right.

Scoutmaster’s Minute

Stars To Steer By: I want you all to look at the stars tonight. Sailors learned thousands of years ago that the positions of the stars were always the same […]