Camp Whitsett Summer Camp


On July 5 to July 12, troop 26 and many other troops went to Camp Whitsett for boy scout summer camp. Here, I will list and explain major events at summer camp.

Camp Tour

Once we got past the 4 and a half hour drive we finally made it to camp Whitsett. We unloaded our gear at our campsite (Oklahoma) and got ready for our swim test at Lake Ida. Everyone passed, and we went on with a tour of the main part of the camp. We saw the nature lodge, handicraft, scoutcraft, and the dining hall. We were told where the shooting ranges and high adventure were.

Merit Badges


At Camp Whitsett Summer Camp, we were able to earn a maximum of 5 merit badges. There were 5 50 minute merit badge sessions, with 10 minute breaks in between. There were sessions at 9:00, 10:00, 11:00, 2:00, and 7:00. Some merit badges took up 2 sessions, while some scouts just didn’t sign up for a merit badge during some sessions. A few people got 5 merit badges, but most got 2 (younger scouts did a sign off session for 2 hours)- 4 merit badges.


Let me just say that the food was amazing. We had salad bars, condiments, coffee (adults only) and more. Some breakfasts we had things like sausage, bacon, eggs, and hashbrowns. We also could get cereal, milk, and yogurt. For lunch we often had sandwiches: sloppy joes, chicken sandwiches, and a few other things. We could get salad and often got a bag of chips or pretzels. Dinners were the best. We had a variety of meals. Cheeseburgers, steak and baked potatoes, chicken mashed potatoes and cake. All in all, we enjoyed good food at this summer camp. (Breakfast- Lunch- Dinner-5:30-6:30

Opening Campfire

After the tour, getting back into normal clothes and having dinner, it was soon time for the campfire. The campfire had songs, funny skits, and a few announcements and welcomings. Everyone laughed and had fun, and the campfire ended in a good mood. Soon we went back to camp and retired to our tents.



On Wednesday afternoon, 3:30, was our overnight trip to Carver Ranch. We had our sleeping pad and bag taken down by a car, while we carried our daypack. The trip was a walk or bike one, about 2 miles. There were multiple troops going, but ours took up all the bikes. About 2 or 3 scouts in the troop hiked. It was a nice bike ride to the ranch, we only had 2 wipeouts on the way there! After having a dinner of cheeseburgers, we headed of to do some activities. There was capture the flag, dodgeball, tomahawks, and branding. We were free to do whatever we wanted to. Jeremiah and Ben led the campfire with a few skits and songs, which was great. After the campfire the astronomy class did some star watching and everyone went to bed. 5:00 the next morning 😠 one of the counselors woke us up to get going. We packed up our stuff, got on our bikes, and headed back up the trail. Nathan’s bike chain broke soon in, so Mr. Weakliem let him use his, and near the very end of the trip, David took a fall and scraped his knee. We all got back mostly safely, and we then went on to have breakfast.

Sentinal Peak Hike

On Wednesday and Friday at 4:30 a.m., scouts from all over camp met at the Big Top for the sunrise hike to Sentinal Peak. It was a 3 mile round trip hike, but with a very steep elevation gain. It was so early because once the group got to the peak, they were able to watch a beautiful sunrise. After that, they headed back down and got back to camp before breakfast. The hike was attended by the following troop 26 Members: Ben B., Mr. Brown, Mrs. Spencer., Connor S., Jeremiah S., Mr. Weakliem, Mr. Williams, Robby W., Nathan W., Ben Z., and David Z.

The Pentathlon was 5 people from each troop doing 5 different events in each areas, 1 at a time. Once one person completed his area, a runner had to run to the next, and then the next event for the troop started when the runner arrived. Troop 26 took an early lead in the Pentathlon, and in the end we finished in first place. The Troop 26 participants were Jason, Jeremiah S., ???


Friday was the day of the aquacade. All troops participated. Some people did the events, while the others just watched. Some of the events were races, sand sculpture builds, getting covered in sand, canoe races backwards, and a few other events. In the sandman contest, David S. actually put sand in his mouth and spit it out when the judges came along. He won the competition very quickly after that. In the end, we got second place, losing to 1st place by 2 points.

Closing Campfire

On the last full day of camp (Friday) We had another campfire at 8:30. Just like before there were lots of songs, some skits, announcements, and awards. One of the best skits was about a remake of the Titanic. It was great because the first mate kept messing up his lines. Ex. Captain: What’s wrong? First mate: WE’RE STINKING!!!!!!! He also messed up all his other lines. Anyway, after all the fun songs and skits, the announcements were made. Winners of the aquacade, prizes for adults that helped the camp in a few ways. After the counselors closed the campfire, we went back to the campsite and went to bed.

Packing Up

The next morning everyone started packing up pads, sleeping bags, camp chairs, and anything else that we needed to pack up. By 7:30, we had all our gear packed into Mr. Brown’s truck. After a breakfast of eggs, sausage and hashbrowns, we made it to the cars, circled up, and hit the road.

100 Giants Trail


After a few minutes of driving in the cars, we stopped at the hundred giants trail. It is a short hike that has a ton of GIANT Sequoias. The first one we got to we all went into the middle. Later, three grew together and we climbed up inside about 8 feet. Farther along, a double sequoia had fallen on the path, allowing us to climb in it. Eventually, we went back to the cars, got some snacks, and hit the road.




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