January 2014 Parent Committee Meeting Notes

[gss-content-box color=”blue”]Please note: ALL PARENTS are welcome and encouraged to come to the Parent Committee Meeting. This meeting is held on the first Tuesday of each month and goes from 7:15pm to 8:30pm.[/gss-content-box]

Summer Camp


Quick FYI – we’re in the process of getting the recharter for the Troop for 2014. As part of our rechartering process, we had to have a few positions filled. In the December Parent Committee Meeting, the following individuals were voted into these positions.

  • Jerry Ball – Committee Chair
  • Susan Swider- Treasurer
  • Mike Wong – Secretary / Newsletter

We need to get more volunteers to fill other positions within the Parent Committee

It takes less time than you think and the time you spend has big benefits to the entire Troop. Please consider volunteering for a position to help out.

Our current volunteers are:

  • Popcorn & Journey to Excellence – Gillian Swanson
  • April 12th Camporee BBQ on April 12, 2014 – Michael Ensign
  • April 15th Court of Honor & Potluck- Rob Taylor
  • September 20th Goleta Beach BBQ – Jim Hirsch & Cesar
  • Andy Barrad – Spearheading getting volunteers from other parents who don’t attend PCM
  • Travel Czar – Rob Taylor
  • Web site overseer – Mike Wong
  • September Court of Honor – Gillian Swanson
  • Medical Forms Organizer – Roy Mintzer
  • Public Relations – Mike Wong
  • eScript Coordinator – OPEN
  • Decorations & Supplies – OPEN
  • Fundraiser Chair – Mike Wong
  • Troop 26 “Closet” – OPEN
  • December Court of Honor (Dessert Auction) – OPEN

Treasurer Update

  • Get your dues paid in ASAP please!
  • We have already paid the Council so we need to make sure we get your scout’s dues in
  • There was a typo on the last announcement about the dues. If you have two scouts in Troop 26, the registration fee for the first scout is $125 and the registration fee for the second scout is $100.

Bike Ride Update from Mark Baird

  • June 8 – 14
  • Deposit is $50 by Feb 1, estimated cost to be $300 per scout
  • Campsite reservations have been made at several state parks
  • Limit of 24 people
  • We have a trailer for the bikes, so we can get them up to SF, but we are still in need of a truck with a locking canopy to haul the trailer and stow/secure the gear at night.
  • We need a SAG wagon driver to haul the camping gear. Ideally, this is a long bed pickup with a locking shell to store all of the gear
  • Each scout will get a bright yellow safety bib while riding
  • Cycling merit badge can be earned during this event and training
  • We need a minimum of four adults, though five adults would be ideal

Troop Committee Challenge

  • We need two-thirds of our committee to take the challenge online at myscouting.org
  • Register first and then you can take the course

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