Seven Scouts and five adult leaders backpacked from the South Lake Trailhead to Dusy Basin, and back, August 2-7, 2020. The trip was over 20 miles for some participants, with elevation gain and loss of 5,471 feet.

The weather was ideal, with clear skies and no rain. The Scouts camped at Chocolate Lakes, Bishop Lake (pictured), Upper Dusy Basin, and Saddlerock Lake. Pre-trip acclimatization was at Four Jeffreys Camp.

A highlight of the trip was fishing for, and cooking and eating, brook trout at Chocolate Lakes and golden-rainbow trout in Dusy Basin. Several Scouts caught their first freshwater fish!

Because of the pandemic, Scouts slept in individual tents, maintained social distancing, exercised special handwashing and cooking precautions, and wore masks when assembled.