Troop 26 June Newsletter

Scoutmaster Minute:
By Paul Johnson

Aim at Something High
“In the long run, men hit only what they aim at. Therefore, though they might fail immediately, they had better aim at something high.”

That quote is from Walden, by Henry David Thoreau. Remember the troop shoot at the rifle range this past summer? You hit the target only if you aimed at it. Well, Thoreau realized that this is true in life, also. Whatever your goals are, you won’t achieve them unless you aim for them. You might completely miss the mark on your first few shots, but as you practice and gain knowledge, and experience, and control, you’ll become a better marksman, able to consistently hit your target.

And set a high goal for yourself. Those who have reached the rank of Eagle Scout in this troop will tell you that they decided early to aim for Scouting’s highest rank, and then they kept that target in their sights until they hit it.

Baden Powell Quote:
By Paul Johnson

“We do not want to make Scout training too soft.”

Think on that as we prepare for Philmont!

Santa Cruz Island Adventure June 13th – 16th
By Mark Baird

Twenty six scouts and four adults will be departing Saturday June 13th for Santa Cruz Island for four days of hiking, kayaking and exploring the largest of our local Channel Islands. We will be meeting at the Big 5 Parking lot on Saturday June 13th at 5:45 AM sharp wearing Class B uniforms. Pack all your gear securely in your backpack with nothing dangling or loose and the total weight of your backpack can not exceed 45 lbs or it will not be loaded onto the boat. Bring a daypack to wear while hiking on the island and to keep with you on the boat trip. Eat Saturday breakfast at home and bring a sack lunch to eat for Saturday’s lunch. We will be cooking and eating as a troop and no patrol gear will be needed other than troop tents. Be sure that you bring all the items that are listed on the packing list. Most of Monday June 15th will be spent kayaking with the guides from the Santa Barbara Adventure Company who will provide, kayaks, paddles, life vests, and wetsuits. It is not required but it would be a good idea for each scout to bring a water proof dry bag to use on the kayaking day. We will return home on the evening of Tuesday June 16th by 8 PM and the scouts will be dropped off at their homes. Contact Asst Scoutmaster Mark Baird with any questions 895-9771. Our trek leader on the island will be Asst Scoutmaster Michael Brown.

Back country Hygiene and Sanitation
By Sam Soga

Keep Hands and Finger Clean
Much (and probably most) intestinal illness experienced during or after an extended outdoor adventure is due to poor hygiene, particularly unwashed hands.
Carry a hand sanitizer (available as a gel or as wipes; always pack out wipes). Use them after bowel movements and before handling food. Very handy for use when you’re on the move or water is not nearby.
Soap and water are considered by some experts to be a most through hand-cleansing option because the act physically rubs and rinses away everything from dirt to unseen microorganisms. But the rubbing action involved with sanitizers may accomplish the same result.
Important: Never use soap directly in a water source.
Clostridium difficile, a spore-forming bacterium sometimes found in fecal matter, is resistant to sanitizers and requires hand washing for removal.

Soap versus Sanitizers
By Sam Soga

Scrubbing with soap and water is your best choice for cleanliness. When speed and convenience are vital, sanitizers offer a handy option.
The mechanical action of scrubbing with soap and water, including rinsing, flushes material off your skin.
Sanitizers (disinfectants) kill microorganisms on skin, though they don’t necessarily rinse them off skin. Their effectiveness as a disinfectant may be tied to the quantity used or a length of contact time. Follow instructions on individual products.
Dispose of soapy water on soil or lichen-free rock far from any lake, river or stream, at least 200 feet away, preferably more.

Recipe of the Month
By Sam Soga

Fresh from the Garden Tomato Pasta (4-Servings)
cups rotini pasta, uncooked
cloves garlic, minced
medium onion, chopped
1/4 cup Balsamic vinaigrette dressing
cups coarsely chopped tomatoes
1/2 cup chopped fresh basil
1/2 cup grated parmesan cheese

Prepare pasta as directed on package; drain and keep warm.
Cook garlic and onion in Balsamic vinaigrette dressing in large skillet (or cooking pot) until softened. Add tomatoes; cook an additional 2 minutes. Toss with pasta and remaining ingredients.
Serve with French or Sourdough bread.

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