Parent Committee Minutes June 2014


Welcome and Introductions

Really good turnout tonight. 16 adults!
Minutes from the last meeting were approved.

Parent Applications

  • We have a few parent signatures that need to be filled out.
  • Please, please, please take the Youth Protection Training online.
  • Print the certificate out and bring it in to Mr. Johnson or Mr. Soga.

Update from Scoutmaster Johnson

  • Mr. Johnson is looking for older scouts to be a Den Chief at some of Cub Scout summer camps. These scouts can get participation points.
  • Some of the older scouts who are signed up for the Sierra Trek are below the 60% threshold required. If you are not at the 60% level, you may get bumped for another scout on the wait list who has the participation.
  • Cub Scout Summer Camp is July 6 – 12th
  • SF bike trip is this Sunday!
  • No scout meeting next week
  • June 29th is the church pancake breakfast, we’d like a volunteer from the Parent Committee. Looking for 8 scouts.
  • Parents will look at the menu, what supplies do we need, what do they have here, what do we need to show up with.
  • Service ends at 10:30. Breakfast will be served from 10:30 to 11:30.
  • Scouts need to arrive by 8:30am.
  • Cleanup needed too.

Change to the Younger Sierra Trek

  • Change to the younger Sierra Trek. All younger scouts are eligible.
  • Room for 8 scouts, need 4 adults.
  • Youth Protection Training recommended, additional online safety required (severe weather, water safety, etc).
  • This trip is now an intro to backpacking trip open to all younger scouts and adults.
  • Five to six miles of hiking per day, plenty of time to explore and fish.


  • New Greenbar elections are coming up
  • Mr. Johnson is going to work on the presentations so that the scouts who are giving the presentations are better prepared. This will be part of the Youth Leader Training.
  • Susan brought up that it would be good to revisit something that Mr. Shaw has done which is to get the Patrol Leaders together at the end of the night to review what went right and what went wrong and what could they do better next time. Great way to get immediate feedback.
  • Pack 105 will be bridging one new scout this month. 5-7pm at St. Raphael’s this Sunday.
  • Many of the new scouts are doing well with their sign-offs and moving right along
  • Parent meetings on July 1st and August 5th
  • No troop meeting on July 8th

Fourth of July Setup

  • We’ll need volunteers to help setup the recycle bins and garbage cans up and down State street.
  • We’ll also need volunteers to help collect them afterwards
  • All scouts are encouraged to help and participate in the parade
  • We’ll work on getting volunteers 2 weeks before the event

SF Bike Trip BBQ

  • Gillian Swanson is coordinating a BBQ at Refugio Beach State Park to welcome the scouts returning
  • All families are welcome to attend, but let Gillian know asap if you are planning to attend
  • Parents of scouts who are going have been contacted to help
  • Targeting 4pm on June 14th
  • Mr. Baird reviewed more details on the bike trip. If you’re going on this trip, be sure to follow up with Mr. Baird if you have any questions
  • Be sure to follow the packing list!
  • 22 scouts will be going. They’ve done 400 miles in training rides!
  • Mr. Baird will publish an itinerary to the parents so they know where the Scouts will be each night


  • One board of review is needed
  • Mr. Ball has a list of merit badge councilors and will confirm that it is accurate

Meeting adjourned at 8:02pm

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