Parent Meeting Notes April 3, 2018

Meeting started at 7:15pm and led by Jasonn Beckstrand, our Committee Chair.


  • Summer Camp: ASM Benoit showed the merit badge form / checklist for summer camp and explained how scouts will be bringing them home to review and use as guidance in achieving their merit badges. Forms need to be turned in as soon as possible.
  • Bring a list of merit badge counselors to next meeting for review.
  • Philmont application forms are due now.
  • Camporee is April 21, day trip. No camping. Update by ASM Weakliem.
    • Reg from 7am to 8:30am.
    • Meet at Big5 at 7am.
    • Location: Larsen Meadows near Rancho Allegre, turn at the Camp Whittier sign past Rancho Allegre.
    • Camp Fire at night, ends at 9pm.
    • Adults welcome, long day.
    • Need volunteer drivers.
    • Bring lunch and snacks.
    • BBQ dinner provided, $10 per person. Parents can sign up for BBQ. Dutch Oven cook-off in honor for Dave Canton.
    • Fees = $20 / scout.
    • Troop will cover the cost of the entry fees and dinner.
    • Make sure if scout signs up, he goes, don’t cancel as troop has to pay fees still.
    • Theme disaster / emergency preparedness.
    • Signups due next Tuesday April 10.

Court of Honor, Pot Luck on Apr 24 at 6:30 arrive at 6:15, make enough for 3-5 people

  • Side dishes – panthers
  • Main dishes – foxes and bats
  • Desserts – crocks

Rummage sale updated by Holly

  • Location: Trinity Lutheran Church is location (La Cumbre and Foothill). Comes with tables.
  • Sorting day, drop off rummage between 9am and 6pm on Fri Apr 13.
  • Accepting all types of things that aren’t torn or stained or broken, no mattresses.
  • All parents need to advertise in their neighborhoods sign ups.
  • Needs several volunteers to sort on Friday, asked for
  • Sat April 14, 8am to 2pm, needs:
    • 2-3 minimum people to help with pricing.
    • Adults to supervise cashier table, scouts to do cashiering
    • Also need adults to roam around and straighten things us.
    • Need to find out if we can take credit cards. According to Pete, Square account is set up and we pay 2.75% per transaction, Kathy will bring. Parents OK with this as people will spend more. Square account being validated by Avanija.
    • Consider using Venmo.
    • Hoping to make $1000 to $2000 on this sale.
    • End of day at 2pm, need many volunteers to help clean up.
    • Would like to get Alpha to see if they can come with trucks (Buffy)
    • Bake sale – need items including donuts, brownies, coffee, etc. single serving.

Spring Break Trip

  • Jasonn has photos from trip on cd, wants to add to website.

Friends of Scouting

  • Mike gave update on Friends of Scouting, want 100% participation and wants us to raise over $8000.
  • Friends of scouting raises money for budget for the council.
  • Membership goes to national organization.
  • Looking to raise money for rebuilding Rancho Allegre.
  • Council budget keeps troops running.
  • Waiting for instructions on whether or not to collect donations for troop and send in altogether or have families send in on their own.

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