Pinnacles Campout! May 13-14, 2023

Troop 26 got to take a trip to Pinnacles National Park. It is the closest National park to Santa Barbara. We had nine scouts and three adults attend the one night overnight. After a three hour drive the scouts hiked to a reservoir to eat lunch. We continued the hike along the High Peaks trail to scout peak and down Bear Gulch. It was a very hot day with multiple scouts running out of water by the end but it was a great view and a lot of fun.

Once scouts returned from the hike everyone set up camp at a ranch outside of the park. Most of the scouts took a swim in a river next to camp and were accompanied by a very friendly corgi that lives on the ranch. After taking a dip, each patrol made dinner and later had a campfire to make some smores and play mafia.

On the second and last day, we did another hike after breakfast that follows a creek to some very interesting caves. Although it got very dark and narrow at parts, all the scouts and scout masters made it through the caves. Once we had gotten through the caves we sat down for a snack and some friendship bread. Although the second hike was shorter it was just as Overall both days were loads of fun, even being as hot as it was, and we would all highly recommend Pinnacles to anyone looking for nice hikes and amazing views.

Written by Tarkan Ezal

Posted By JB

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