Scoutmaster Minute-Brown

In the last Newsletter, I wrote the story of a young eagle who thought he was a chicken. That young eagle would have remained a “chicken” except that a grown Eagle came by to help him fulfill his potential. We all need somebody to take an interest in us and believe that we can be greater and better than we are today. For some of us, that is our parents and family. But think back on the story – in that story, it was not a parent or family member who helped that young eagle discover his true potential; it wasn’t even a friend. It was a grown Eagle, someone who had learned do the things that eagles do and was ready to teach someone else. An older scout can make a huge difference in the life of a younger scout. All you have to do is take an interest in the younger scout and teach them the things that older scouts and older Scouters have taught you. You can make all the difference between a young eagle continuing to think that they are a chicken and one who grows into a majestic, high-flying eagle!

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