Scoutmaster Minute – A Good Turn

Does anyone know when the Boy Scouts of America was started? It was the year
1910. Now for a tougher question: Who started the BSA? Not Baden-Powell. He
started Scouting in England. It was an American businessman, William D.

In 1909, William Boyce was wandering around London and got lost in a dense
fog. A young boy found him and led him to his destination. The boy refused
to accept a tip from Boyce, saying that he was a Boy Scout. That intrigued
Boyce, and he later asked the boy to take him to meet Lord Baden-Powell.

Because of that meeting, Boy Scouts of America was officially organized in
1910, and there have been more than 93 million Americans involved in the BSA
since then. The Scout slogan is “Do a Good Turn Daily.” That is what the Boy
Scout in 1909 did for William Boyce, and that is what you should always try
to do, every day-a Good Turn, without expecting reward.

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