Scoutmaster Minute March 2015

Blowing up the Internet

The internet is an interesting place. A very useful resource indeed, sometimes just a way to waste time, and often a way to reach out socially. Sometimes it just “blows up”. The blow up can be amusing (what color is that dress really?)

But sometimes it can be ugly. A strange phenomenon that’s quite possible nowadays is for someone to tweet something that they think is funny, or campy, but in truth is not something they mean in earnest, or would do or say, if they knew it would construed strictly as literal. Lives have been ruined by social slip-ups like this, in a way just not possible in times past.

If you have a Facebook page, Instagram account or if you are tweeting away, remember, your words may end being ascribed to you in ways you never thought possible. If you live by the scout law, oath and motto, you are not likely to ever get in this sort of trouble, but be aware, your tweets can travel around the world in the time it takes you to finish breakfast.

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