Scoutmaster’s Minute

Proper Planning Prevent Poor Performance. We drill this in to scouts over and over again, and you think I’d be done talking about it, but I’m not. Make no mistake, this concept applies to all facets of your life, from your career to your home life to your chosen extracurricular activities. Although with scouts we tend to drill it in over planning meetings and preparing for outings. Why? Because these things happen regularly, the leadership role is always pivoting to new scouts, and the lesson needs to be learned over again. Want to have a great Skill Session, Inter-patrol activity, Game or Closing at your meeting? 5P, that’s all. The meeting is on the calendar, in most cases months in advance, feel free to set a long range goal of having a special speaker or presentation. On the weekend before Greenbar, do some research about a new inter-patrol activity. Want to have a great time at 19 Oaks with a special meal or big tent or fun activity (because it’s only a 3 mile hike), 5P. It’s amazing how a little effort in advance can make such a big difference in outcome. I think about the time on the scout dad’s though to bring an ice cold watermelon in his day bag for one of our hikes. Wow, was everyone surprised and happy. It was just a watermelon, stored I the fridge overnight, but thinking in advance to do it and bring, that was huge all the smiles it earned. Small effort for planning, huge rewards in the execution.

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