Sierra Trek – Goddard Canyon

Written by Jay M., Life Scout

The first day at base camp was pretty fun. We played a bunch of hide and go seek, then I cooked burgers, and they were really good. Our second campsite was called Devil’s Punchbowl, it’s where we had our layover day. On the layover day, we played about 5 hours of six sides while it was thundering and hailing. We ended up playing six sides for the rest of the week. The punchbowl really was a beautiful place, and the swimming there was probably the best of the trip. Day 4 was Hell for Sure Pass, and it was very steep, and probably our toughest day. Going up the pass, it was beautiful, but the other side of the pass looked about as beautiful as Mordor. Going down the pass took longer. We got to camp at 7 that night, ate and went straight to bed. After that, the days got easier. The last few days, we had a lot more time at camp because the hikes were shorter, and on the last day, we made it to the cars by 10:30. There were only 4 scouts and 4 adults, so it was a really small group, and me and Evan were the oldest scouts at 14 and 15, so there was a lot of teaching. The adults and scouts really interacted a lot, and we formed a much tighter bond as a group. All in all, a solid sierra trek, though the pace was a bit slow due to the scouts generally being young.

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