Voice of Experience September 2017

Technical Garment Care Technical fabrics’ performance feature will last longer if you maintain them correctly. Washing: Wash technical fabrics (Gore-Tex and other breathable/waterproof fabrics) in cold or warm water with […]

Voice of Experience August 2017

Cleanliness Cleanliness and personal hygiene are not big issues on an overnight backpacking trip other than a change of socks and underwear. On longer trips, however, you will need to […]

Voice Of Experience

Food Organization Properly packed, well-organized Food Supplies makes meal prep and cleanup much easier. Plus they minimize second-guessing when you dig through your pack (or Bear Proof Canister): “Is this […]

Voice of Experience

Gearing Up (General tips and sound advice for the novice in us all) Purchase quality backpacking equipment from a reputable supplier. The comfort level is far superior to inexpensive, poorly […]

Voice of Experience

Body Tune-Ups (Preparation for Sierra Trek) STAY HEALTHY ON THE TRAIL:      1. Being in shape      2. Using common sense      3. Eating right   GO HIKING The best way to […]