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Food Organization

Properly packed, well-organized Food Supplies makes meal prep and cleanup much easier. Plus they minimize second-guessing when you dig through your pack (or Bear Proof Canister): “Is this the bag with the soup or the energy bars?” Smart packing also helps cut down on the amount of trash and leftovers you have to carry. To get organized, try these tips:

Plan your menu: Construct a day-by-day trip menu, complete with plans for each meal as well as snacks, drinks and condiments/spices.

Make a shopping list: Check your cupboards, fridge and camp gear for items you may already have. Make a new grocery list and go shopping.

Pack your meal bags: Some people pack foods into general breakfast, lunch and dinner bags. Other pack individual meals into their own separate, re-sealable plastic bags. No matter how you choose to organize, make sure you eliminate as much packaging as possible to save space and weight in you pack.

Try pre-measuring:
Pre-measuring portions will make cooking easier, while pre-mixing ingredients that can be stored together (granola and powdered milk, for instance) can save space and time.

Include instructions:
Write down whatever cooking instructions you need for each meal, then slip the notes into the right meal bag or tape them onto the front. Durable freezer bags make great meal containers, and they can be reused trip after trip.

Planning a long trip? You may want to group individual meal bags together (either as breakfasts, lunches and dinners, or Day #1, Day #2, Day #3).

Share the load: It’s a good idea to spread food supplies out among group members. If anyone gets separated from the group, they’ll have a food supply with them.

Choose plastic: For food storage, plastic containers are lighter than metal and more impact-resistant than glass, and can be washed and reused many times.

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