Mr. Brown – Scoutmaster Minute 3/2/2017
There’s an old, well known story of a chicken farmer who found an eagle’s egg.
He put it with his chickens and soon the egg hatched.
The Young Eagle grew up with all the other chickens and learned to do what they did. He thought he was a chicken, just like them.
And since the chickens could only fly low and for a short distance, the eagle also learned to fly that way.
One day, a Grown Eagle happened to fly over and saw the Young Eagle, down among the chickens, scratching and pecking for corn … and clucking.
The Grown Eagle flew down and asked the Young Eagle what he was doing. The Young Eagle answered “Just doing what chickens do.”
The Grown Eagle replied, “But you’re an eagle, not a chicken! “You are like me – you are of the king of birds. We belong to the sky!”
“Let me show you! Hop on my back.” And with that, the Grown Eagle grabbed the Young Eagle, threw him on his back and flew high into the air. (The chickens that saw this clucked in alarm, frightened for their adopted brother).
At first, the Young Eagle was scared and held on tight! But as they continued to fly, higher and higher, something happened to the Young Eagle. The wind felt cool against his face. He could feel it all around him; that was new! He looked down below, where his adopted brother and sister chickens lived, and he was stunned how much of the world there was – there was so much beyond the barnyard! And he could see it so clearly – he didn’t know his eyes could work so well! And then he looked up and saw the sun – and a glint came to his eye! His heart filled with joy and power! His lungs filled and, instead of a cluck, he screeched his high whistle!
Then the Grown Eagle flipped the Young Eagle off! At first, he was surprised and fell! Then the Grown Eagle flew beside him and commanded, “Stretch out your wings.” When the Young Eagle did, his wings caught and rode the wind! Then he was soaring!
The Young Eagle knew, now, who he really was. He flew lower to the barnyard, screeched his high whistle and waved good-bye to his adopted chicken family.
He then followed the Grown Eagle to the high places where eagles dwell!


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