Timeless Tips

Timeless Tips

  1. For sheer warmth and protection, nothing surpasses an old fashioned wool stocking cap that can be pulled down over the ears.
  2. A large cotton bandanna is your wardrobe’s made-of-all-work. It performs as a potholder, napkin, dish cloth, washcloth, towel, emergency headgear, Lawrence-of-Arabia neck protector, and snooze mask.
  3. On a cold night, put your boots in a plastic bag. Sleep with the boots bag between your legs. The plastic bag will keep the wet boots from soaking your sleeping bag, and your body heat will keep the boots warm and dry them out by the morning.
  4. A whistle, though limited in its scope, is probably the most reliable signaling device you can carry. It greatly exceeds the range of your voice and can serve as a crude means of communication where shouts for help cannot be heard.
  5. It’s certainly worth knowing that in most modern tents the fly provides much of the strength. In hoops and domes, the fly can account for 85 to 90 percent. So in high winds, whether or not you need a fly for protection, rig it. Firmly.
  6. Another way to increase the life of your sleeping bag is to wash up each night before crawling into it. The dirt and oil on your clothes and body will find its way into your bag’s fill and inhibit its ability to insulate.
  7. Dark-colored underwear absorbs more heat – keeping you warmer – and dries more quickly in sunlight.
  8. In freezing temperature, sleep with your water filter (sealed in a plastic bag) to prevent moisture from icing inside. Though freezing does not hurt your filter, ice crystals will slow down its operation considerably.
  9. If you’re to light campfires or handle hot cooking pots, avoid synthetic gloves because they can melt and leave nasty burns on your hands. Instead , use gloves made of cotton, or wool. (Better yet, use pot lifter)

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