Younger Scout Sierra Trek Write Up

Younger Scout Sierra Trek
Chiquito Creek/Noris Creek Trailheads
August 7th- August 13th

Day 1
We drove out to Oakhurst and had lunch at the park. Then we drove up to Upper Chiquita Campsite. We car camped and had a fun campfire. We ate hot dogs for dinner and for dessert we had the best cookie dough and lemon friendship bread. Thank you Mrs. Soga, you are the best.

Day 2
We were on the trail. The first lake, Lake Chiquita, looked like it was ground with all the dead lily pad in it, but that’s not where we camped. There were frogs on the side of Lake Chiquita. We hit the first of the chain lakes, but we were going to the second lake. There was warm water in the lake and 2 fish were caught that day. Both of them were caught by Mr. Beckstrand. Everyone had fun fishing and swimming. We started working on the Fishing Merit Badge with Mr. Brown and the Fish and Wildlife Management Merit Badge with Mrs. Spencer.

Day 3
We stayed at this lake a second day. We swam to the island and on the island there is a good place to jump into the lake. Logan and ASM Schott caught two more fish. Two fish were gutted and then eaten. They were delicious, cooked with lemon slices, pepper, salt, and Ritz crackers.

Day 4
We started by going off trail over a pass. When we got to the top, we could see Fernandez Pass in the distance. We stopped for a break to filter water at the bottom near Breeze Lake. Then we headed out to the top of Fernandez Pass which is 10,000 ft in elevation. At the top, we ate lunch and then we started to go down the hill. At the bottom we went off trail again to the next campsite. We arrived at Fernandez Lake and had a great dinner of beans, cheese, rice, and Fritos. We had a great dessert of donut holes. Thanks ASM Swider and ASM Soga for the recipe.

Day 5
On the hike to Lillian Lake there was a giant rock that wobbled back and forth. There was also a small, old, fat tree on the trail. At Lillian Kellen T., Mr. Beckstrand, and ASM Schott caught fish. We ate Kellen’s fish and had a great dessert of brownies.

Day 6
We had a layover day at Lillian Lake. We decided to take our air mattresses as rafts across the lake. This was awesome. We ate lunch on the other side of the lake. Then we paddled back across while the leaders walked around the lake. We had more fun.

Day 7
We packed up camp and cleaned the camp area. Then we hiked 6 miles back to the cars. What a great trip. Thank you ASM Weakliem for organizing this trip.

Scout Attendees: Owen S., Alex R., Cooper B, Wyatt S., Jasper U., Ben B., Logan B., Kellen T., and Jonathon W.
Adult Attendees: ASM Weakliem, ASM Schott, ASM Brown, Mr. Beckstrand, and Mr. & Mrs. Spencer

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