Committee Corner April 2014

Troop Committee Corner

The Parent Committee meeting for April is this Tuesday the 1st. Please know that all parents are part of the Parent Committee and encouraged to attend the meetings.

April 15th Court of Honor

At the Court of Honor we will be having a Pot Luck dinner. Everyone is encouraged to bring a dish. Rob Taylor will be looking for help before the meeting to set things up. Please show up a little early to help out.

Summer Camp

Parents with scouts attending the Pico Blanco summer camp should attend the Tuesday parent meeting. The Troop needs to have a couple of parents volunteer to help Assistant Scoutmaster Roy Mintzer. It is a wonderful camp in the Big Sur area. You will enjoy it.

Colorado River

Thank you to the Scoutmasters who organized the fantastic trip to the Colorado river and Joshua Tree. What a great experience for all who attended.

I look forward to seeing everyone at Tuesdays meeting.

Jerry Ball
Committee Chair

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