Piedra Blanca Overnight–by Ben Brown

We had a great time on the Piedra Blanca outing on Feb. 20-21. We got up and drove to a parking lot near the trailhead. It was a relatively flat hike so it was great for newer scouts. Throughout the hike we could see the sandy white rocks looming ahead of us. Once we got to the campsite a small group of us (see below) continued on and hiked up to Pine Mountain Lodge. It was pretty long and it was basically all uphill, once we got there it was basically just a small campsite. However, we were all very happy to have made it. The scouts that stayed back worked on sign offs and hung out. The hike back in the morning was basically the same, however we stopped at the rocks and spent about thirty minutes climbing the rocks. All in all we had a very fun time at Piedra Blanca!

All Scouts: Cooper, Robby, Max, David, Kellen, Jasper, Nic, Ben, Timmy, Vaughn, Emanuel, Jeremiah, Kaden, Alex, Logan, Sean

Pine Mountain Lodge Scouts: Logan, Sean, Robby, Kaden, David, Ben

Adults: ASM Brown, ASM Weakliem, Mr. Beckstrand, Mr. Wong, Mr. Inglehart, Mr. Bohley, Mr. Swider, Mr. Williams

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