Scoutmaster Minute – The Twins

One day a set of twins decided to move to a new town because they felt like they’d seen everything there was to see in their hometown.

They started out together, but somehow along the way one twin had gotten ahead of the other one. This first twin came to an old man sitting by the road just outside a nearby town. The twin stopped and asked the old man what the people were like in this town.

The old man replied by asking the same question of him.

What were the people like in the town you came from?

The first twin said they were very unkind and harsh, not very friendly at all.

The old man said,

I think you’ll find that the people who live here are very much the same.

Not long after the first twin left, the second twin came across the same old man sitting by the same road.

This twin stopped and asked the same question of the old man. The old man again replied by asking what the people were like in the town the twin had come from.

The second twin said the people were all great.

I had a lot of friends and the people always tried to help others.

The old man replied,

I think you’ll find that the people who live here are very much the same.

The point here isn’t about the people who lived in those towns, it is about how a person treats the people around him.

If you treat others with kindness and understanding, they will treat you the same way.

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