Troop 26 Newsletter – 2014-02 (February)

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There is no teaching to compare with example

San Francisco Bike Trip

If you’re one of the 16 scouts signed up for the SF to Santa Barbara bike trip, your initial deposit of $50 is now past due. If you haven’t made the first payment, please plan to do so on Tuesday, February 4th.

Estaban’s Eagle Project

Our very own Estaban Z. is working on his Eagle Scout project.

Estaban is building a storage container to store the equipment and supplies for the Dos Pueblos Little League Challengers in Goleta. The League currently uses temporary storage units at various locations around the city.

Read more about Estaban’s Eagle Project

Death Valley Trip Summaries

We have several summary reports of our recent camping trip to Death Valley National Park.

Committee Corner – February 2014

Your Troop 26 Parent Committee meeting for February is this Tuesday the 4th. Please know that all parents are part of the Parent Committee and encouraged to attend the meetings.

A big thank you to the parents who volunteered to head up the special events for the coming year. Following is a list of those events.

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Summer Camp 2014

It’s time to make plans for summer camp! Camp Pico Blanco is a new destination for our troop. Check it out on-line.

There are 35 merit badges including skill sets for 1st class, Astronomy, Welding, Cinematography, Photography and the obligatory Archery/Rifle/Shotgun for age appropriate scouts.

This camp is run by the Silicon Valley/Monterey Bay Council on former William Randolph Hearst property. We are planning to reserve week 1 at Pico Blanco for July 6-July 12.

Read more about Summer Camp

Philmont 2014

The Philmont trip for 2014 will take place July 25 to August 9.
The fee per participant for the 2015 Philmont expedition is $855.

It’s time for the first payment.

Read more about Philmont 2014

Scoutmaster Minute for February 2014

Here we are at the start of brand new year. What a great weekend we had, heading back up to Cathedral Peak for our Day Hike.

A cool wind kept us from overheating on the way up, and we made it back to the cars by about 2:30 (well, most of the cars anyway). That hike is physically demanding, and if you’re like me, you’re feeling a little sore today (OK, maybe just the adults). But it’s a good kind of soreness.

Isn’t it interesting that are bodies understand that concept, that some pain is worth it? Some soreness or stiffness simply means that You Went For It.

Likewise, in our other personal and professional endeavors, it’s good to push yourself a little outside your comfort zone, to exercise your knowledge, skills and insights on something challenging, and maybe get a little beat up in the process.

We all know that every single success is more than likely built on top of numerous failures. So go for it, get off that mental couch and push your mind like you do your body, the rewards are waiting you.

Day Hike Checklist

Sam Soga has put together a concise article about the Ten Essentials everybody should have for a day hike.

Read this article from Mr. Soga

Recipe of the Month

Mr. Soga has a new recipe for us!

Chicken Rice Almandine

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