Troop 26 Newsletter – December, 2013

Beartrap Backpacking Trip

By: Mark Johnston

Our upcoming backpacking trip will be to Beartrap, a December troop tradition. Located in the Sespe Wilderness area of the Los Padres National Forest. The trailhead is at Reyes Creek off Lockwood Valley Road.

There is a little town – Camp Sheideck – just before the trailhead that takes you back in time. The trail winds through the beautiful and rugged mountains in the Northwestern corner of the Sespe Wilderness area.

The campsite is situated in a gorgeous deep valley. During this time of year, the sun sets around 2 p.m. This, coupled with the elevation, makes for a great cold weather camping experience. Test out your gear and bring your long johns! The hike is 5 miles each way and is a moderate effort.

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December Court of Honor

By: Trey Pinner

On December 17th Troop 26 will have both an Eagle Court of Honor for Colin Brady followed by the regular December Troop 26 Court of Honor.

We will be starting at a special time of 6:30 p.m.

In addition to the Court of Honor, we will be holding our annual troop cake/dessert auction. This is an important fundraiser for our troop to help pay for troop gear. Please bring a cake or dessert to auction off. Festive or theme cakes are always a big hit.

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Baden Powell Quote of the Month

We never fail when we try to do our duty,
we always fail when we neglect to do it.”

Troop Committee Corner

By: Jerry Ball

Parent Committee Meeting

The Parent Committee Meeting is this Tuesday December 3rd. Remember all parents are encouraged to attend.

2014 Dues

Dues are due now. They are $125 each, $100 for a 2nd boy in the family.

Adult registration is mandatory for any adults wishing to drive or participate in outings with your scouts. The application fee is $24. In addition to the registration you must…

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Older Scout Sierra Trip 2014

By: Nick Teng

The 2014 Older Scout Sierra Trip will be to Agnew Meadow, Mammoth Lakes to Happy Isle, Yosemite Valley.

Sign-ups for this trip start on December 3, 2013 and will be closing on January 28, 2014.

Please sign up and make your $25.00 deposit to ensure your spot on this trip. Estimated cost of the trek is $300 per participant.

There are 12 spots available for scouts.

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Death Valley Trip 2014

By: Trey Pinner

One of the Troops favorite trips is the bi-annual trip to Death Valley National Park. This trip will take place January 18-20, 2014.

Death Valley is world renowned for its colorful and complex geology. Signups and a trip flyer for the January trip to Death Valley will start Tuesday December 3rd and close on Tuesday January 7th.

We will be leaving early in the morning of Saturday, January 18 and travel to Death Valley. We will set up camp and take part in an afternoon activity. We’ll be camping at Furnace Creek campground where we can have campfires.

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Manzana Narrows Backpacking Trip Report

By: Riley B.

On a very cold saturday morning, 14 boys and 6 adults from Troop 26 met at Big Five for a overnight backpacking trip. After about an hour we arrived at the trailhead. The weather was perfect and clear for a good day of hiking. It was 7 miles, but an easy hike even for the younger and new scouts/adults.

As for that, we went about 2 miles an hour so we got farther than usual for lunch. We had lunch about 2 miles away from our campground. We had a fast 20 to 30 minute break for lunch then pounded away until we eventually we arrived at camp. Finally, when we arrived at camp and immediately set up camp.

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Voice of Experience: Hypothermia

By: Sam Soga

This problem occurs when weather conditions are such that body heat is lost more rapidly than it can be produced. Body temperature falls first in the extremities, then in the central “core areas; when irreversible changes due to low temperature in vital organs develop, death occurs. As with most wilderness medical problems, prevention is more important than treatment.

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Recipe of the Month: Creamy Tortellini

By: Sam Soga

Mr. Soga has another great recipe for all of us in Troop 26. This month, the recipe is for Creamy Tortellini and includes an alternative if  you don’t care for (or have) cream cheese.

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Important Information About Medical Release Forms

By: Roy Mintzer

Information as of 12/1/13

Important Information:

The Medical/Release forms for the end of the year are updated with a list of people who are current for their forms (and are eligible for Saturday hikes and Backpacking at Beartrap, etc.).

For many, there may be only a simple participant signature that’s missing and can be rectified in seconds. For others, the physician’s annual signature is required (Part C), which is more extensive. Parts A to C are required for overnight participation.

Click here for the forms

It’s easiest to fill out the .pdf on your computer and keep a copy so you don’t need to keep updating it from scratch.

If your name is on this list, you’re OK. If not, then see or email me for explanation.

* Josh A.
* Riley B.
* Andrew D.
* Vaughn F.
* Wesley G.
* Ethan K.
* Ryan M.
* Simon P.
* Nick S.
* James T.

* Mr. Baird
* Mr. Belfiore
* Mr. Ensign
* Mr. P. Johnson
* Dr. Mintzer
* Mr. Shaw
* Mr. Barrad
* Mr. Soga

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