Troop 26 Newsletter 2014-07 (July)

Scoutmaster Minute: A Good Turn

Does anyone know when the Boy Scouts of America was started? It was the year
1910. Now for a tougher question: Who started the BSA? Not Baden-Powell. He
started Scouting in England. It was an American businessman, William D.

In 1909, William Boyce was wandering around London and got lost in a dense
fog. A young boy found him and led him to his destination. The boy refused
to accept a tip from Boyce, saying that he was a Boy Scout. That intrigued
Boyce, and he later asked the boy to take him to meet Lord Baden-Powell.

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Voice of Experience – Bears: Smart, Motivated and Relentless

Black bears, particularly those in the Sierra Nevada, have become habituated to human food.

That means once they get a taste of it, they want more of it – lots more – and will do just about anything to get it.

They often succeed. Why?

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July Recipe of the Month

This month’s recipe is Skid Road Stroganoff.

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Update on Summer Camp

We’re getting closer to our departure for summer camp, and I look forward to seeing as many of the scouts and drivers as possible at this Tuesday’s meeting. I’ll be there at 6:30 and afterwards. We’re expecting to represent our Troop, Council and Santa Barbara itself during our stay in Pico Blanco. Being prepared makes for a fun, safe and enriching experience.

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San Francisco to Santa Barbara Bike Trip

This summary of the Troop 26 San Francisco to Santa Barbara bike trip was written by Andrew Davis. All photos copyright Andrew Davis. Used with permission.

The Bike trip started one day before the set date. All the scouts and the adults going on the trip packed they duffle bag and their bikes in a budget truck (sag wagon). That only took 1 hour to complete. But the next morning at 5:00 we met at the big 5 parking lot, and spontaneously ran to cars to get moving.

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